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Last year I interviewed my friend Douglas Dowell about his weight loss journey. Here’s the post about how he lost over 200 pounds by making a lifestyle change. Now six months later I caught up with Douglas and asked what was new with his journey.

Keep reading to learn the latest about his weight and fitness goals plus what’s new in his future!

Q. What’s the latest with your healthy lifestyle journey since losing over 200 lbs?

A. Well I am gaining weight…muscle mass that is. I have shifted my focus to the world of weight training now. I had tremendous success during my weight loss using the P90X® extreme home fitness program from This same company rolled out a new series last fall called Body Beast created by Sagi Kalev, longtime bodybuilder and former Mr. Israel. The sole focus of the new program is maximum muscle mass and fat loss. The results for me over the last few months have been stellar…I am totally hooked!

Q. What advice do you have for someone trying to lose weight whether it is a little or a lot of weight?

Doug June 2008

Doug June 2008

A. It depends on how much weight someone wants to lose…30, 50, 100 lbs or more? I recommend muscle weight training is a key part of the weight loss journey. The benefits of doing so are shown especially as an aging retardant. I have heard of some 80 and 90 year olds that stay consistent with weight training as they age. They act and more importantly live life better than some people in their 60’s. That’s going to be me!

Need to lose more than 30 lbs; I highly recommend the P90X® fitness program. It’s a great balance between weight training and cardiovascular exercise. I had great luck with it!

Looking at weight loss of 50, 100 or more pounds then consider starting with elliptical training for an hour each session for a month then move into the P90X® fitness program. Understand P90X® all the way through your journey can be tough as it’s an elite level of fitness. Starting this program from zero you will NOT be able to finish the workouts. For example when I started P90X® in January 2009, I couldn’t do one single unmodified push up. Overtime I was able to get 190 pushups in during the chest workout.

Understand all of this weight training advice will NOT be of ANY help if you don’t adopt the eat clean diet. Quit ALL soda diet and otherwise TODAY. Just break up with Coca Cola like I did. Look what 2 liters at a time of Dr. Pepper did for me in my 2008 before picture.

No matter what I learned about men and women who have lost over 100 lbs and some who have lost more than 200 lbs not one of them regrets the decision. The only regret is I wish I would have started sooner. Start now…you won’t be sorry.

Doug Jan 2013

Doug Jan 2013

Q. Would you change anything about your weight loss and lifestyle journey?

A. I would have switched to a muscle mass building program sooner. Muscle mass is key to burning more calories and losing fat. Overall, I am very excited about my journey so far and grateful for all the support from others along the way.

Q. What’s next on your journey?

A. I am working hard at applying lessons learned from my weight loss journey towards my entrepreneurial goals for this year. I feel when you lose that much weight over time with consistent effort over time….just do the same thing with other areas of your life and you will win! So get in line, stay in line and eventually it will be your turn for success in reaching the goals you’ve set.

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This is an incredible story. I love to read true stories like this as it keeps me even more motivated to keep myself fit and healthy. Losing 200 pounds is almost unbelievable, but just look at that photo. Amazing achievement.


Wow what an incredible weight loss story! Great advice from Doug about exercise and diet changes. I'm sure he's inspiring a lot of people with similar weight challenges. 

Lou Ann Donovan
Lou Ann Donovan moderator

 @matt_kay Thank you Matt!! I know you blog about how to stay healthy too! Appreciate your comment about Doug's advice. He tells it like it is to others trying to lose this much weight. It is not an easy journey but is possible to change to a healthy lifestyle!

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